Choose GrandEntry Doors For Style and Functionality

Choose GrandEntry Doors For Style and Functionality

Authentic grand entry | wood doors offer the widest range of options for style and functionality. They’re crafted with solid oak, hemlock or walnut and may be combined with transoms and sidelights.

All attendees are expected to rise during the Grand Entry (unless disabled). A Flag Song, Invocation, and Veterans’ Song usually follow.

Solid Wood

Wood doors add a luxurious touch to any house and cast a great first impression. They are also energy efficient and protect your home from external dangers and intruders.

Solid woods have a natural beauty that can be complemented with many different types of glass, hardware, and grids. They are durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. Solid woods also require less maintenance and have higher fire ratings than fiberglass and steel doors.

Solid wood doors from Grandentry come in a variety of species and styles. Mahogany is one of the most popular choices due to its closed wood grain, resistance to rotting, and firmness. Other popular choices include walnut, knotty alder, and Douglas fir. Each has its own characteristics that can be enhanced with the use of stains and paints. Since solid woods are milled directly from trees, each piece of wood is unique. This is in contrast to engineered wood such as oriented strands board (OSB) and plywood, which are made by binding together wood flakes or fibers with adhesives.

Hollow Core

Designed to fit a wide variety of openings, hollow core doors are ideal for interior use. They are lightweight, easy to install, and cost less than solid wood doors. However, they are not weather-resistant and cannot withstand harsh elements.

Compared to solid wood doors, hollow core doors are thinner and more easily damaged. They can also transmit sound, which is why solid-core doors are preferred for homes.

A hollow door can be made to look more beautiful with a simple DIY project. A beadboard finish can instantly upgrade a boring door. HGTV offers a simple tutorial that anyone can follow to achieve a flawless finish.

Solid wood doors can be made to look more attractive with the addition of glass. Choose from a variety of glass styles, including clear, frosted, or tinted to let in natural light or add privacy. Glass options include a decorative pattern or geometric details, which can add a more customized touch to the door.


Unlike steel and wood, fiberglass doors resist warping, cracking and rot. They also look great and hold up to extreme weather conditions with little maintenance. And they come in a range of styles and designs to complement every home.

Fiberglass doors also have a higher fire rating than metal. They also insulate better than steel—though if you add glass panels, they lose some of their insulating power.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard) doors made of glued wood fibers are cheaper than wood and steel, but they don’t resist moisture well and can crack or dent. They also don’t have as many design options or look as authentic as wood.

ProVia’s Heritage fiberglass entry doors have a realistic woodgrain texture, high-definition embossing and a durable finish that can be stained or artfully painted. And nearly all Heritage systems are ENERGY STAR certified.


The metal material is durable and resists warping, rotting, and cracking. It’s a great choice for high traffic areas and it provides good security while being easy to clean, dent-proof, and rust resistant. It doesn’t have the same beauty as wood but if you’re not looking for a door with a lot of visual detail this is an excellent option.

Choose from multiple panel designs and glass options to create the look you desire. We also have a selection of steel doors featuring thermal adhesives and foam centers to increase the insulating value of your home. These doors are a smart option for busy families since they are energy efficient and can withstand harsh weather. You can even select hurricane-rated glass to thwart break-in attempts. We offer these doors with or without decorative grilles. Some models are available with matching sidelites. Choose a solid or glass design to match your door frame. You can also get a prefinished paint or stain finish for added convenience.