Roofing After Storm Damage in Nashville

Roofing After Storm Damage in Nashville

Are you damaged on your roof after a storm call  Roofing Nashville? It will have to be fixed quickly so that things do not get worse. Do not panic, just follow a few steps and keep a cool head so that all this does not become a real nightmare. You must first get in touch with your insurance, which can only help you deal with this disaster. Then, call a roofer to not worsen the condition of your roof. You should also take care of possible branches, or even trees, that are on your roof and that have caused damage to your roof with the storm. Finally, you can start repairing your roof so that everything fits in order!

So what to do in case of roof damage after a storm? Follow the 4 steps below.

The 4 steps to repair the damage on the roof after a storm

Your roof has just suffered weather, wind or mini-tornado, which ripped all or part of the roof tiles, slates? How to react well in 4 steps.

  1. Contact your insurance

Your house lost a piece of roof? First thing to do, contact the owner if you are a renter and if you own, contact your insurance. Take a picture of the affected items, it can help you.

  1. Contact a roofer

Once the insurance is contacted, call a professional to cover the damaged piece of roof, to put the house out of water. It would be a pity if water gets inside. Because, in this case, the damage may be much greater in case of roof leakage.

Between the insulation that can be waterlogged, the damage that can be inflicted on it, but also the damage on the structure, you risk big not involving a professional quickly.

If you prefer to do it yourself, know that this action is dangerous for anyone who does not have the equipment or the habit of working on the roofs. Especially, if it is damaged. You do not know the extent of the damage that may have made the structure more fragile. It requires scaffolding, safety harnesses and if it rains, we advise you not to intervene! Calling on professional remains the wisest!

  1. Remove fallen trees on the roof

If trees and big branches have fallen on your roof, they must be cleared. Only a garden care professional can do this. It is equipped with the necessary equipment to clear the branches that can clutter the roof.

Do not try to do this cleaning yourself as this may injure you. Branches can be securely stuck and difficult to access. 

  1. Repair the roof and the cover of your home 

Repairing your roof is not necessarily easy. If you just have to put back some tiles (hoping you kept some of them just in case), just be careful and not act alone. In case of simple installation of course. Because if the laying of your tiles is made with mortar, putty or with hooks, the operation is much more delicate. The intervention of a roofer is necessary. 

If the under-roof screen and insulation have been affected, a professional must be brought in by following the instructions of your insurance. He will be able to provide a work in the rules of the art and especially a seal worthy of the name!